Firm Overview

Efficient: We provide legal services that make good sense.

By concentrating our practice in those areas of greatest significance to our clients, we follow a teamwork approach that makes good business sense. We start by getting to know our clients’ philosophies, objectives and operations. Then, we pick a team of legal professionals combining skills and experience best suited to meet the client’s needs of today and goals of tomorrow.

Exceptional: We strive for superior client service.

We believe that exceptional service means being accessible and responsive to your special needs. We pride ourselves on forging long-term relationships based on understanding what clients need and want. When you call our Firm, you know who and what you are getting. Your principal attorney is your point-person; he or she will handle your situation through to its resolution.

Effective: We offer innovative, creative and cost-efficient solutions.

As part of our personalized service, we develop approaches designed to minimize exposures, resolve conflicts, or avoid them altogether. Our creative and innovative solutions are tailored to each client so that we can deliver valuable, high-quality legal representation in the most cost-effective manner. That means we work hard to control expenses, minimize liability and reduce risk on a daily basis. We put your interests first.

In addition to American businesses and individuals, Wolin & Rosen represents numerous well-known European companies. The Firm’s size is particularly well-suited to the European tradition of excellence in service and accessibility to the professionals who are working on projects.

Our daily dealings with our clients in the United States, Europe and elsewhere also make us sensitive to the cultural differences in the way business is conducted in different parts of the world.

Wolin & Rosen attorneys have represented many of our present clients for decades; such long-standing relationships are another example of our international heritage and tradition.

Over the years we have developed a network of professionals in various disciplines – such as insurance, accounting, banking, real estate-who can provide any service a business would require. We welcome the opportunity to share those relationships with you.

Wolin & Rosen, to better serve its clients, is affiliated with lawyers in many European cities.