Wolin & Rosen in Forbes April 23, 2012

Forbes April 23, 2012

Last month’s issue of Forbes (April) featured an article on Wolin & Rosen (formerly WK&R), here is an excerpt from the article.

“When a group of investors suspected someone of diverting their money for his personal use, one of them turned to the Chicago law firm of Wolin Kelter & Rosen (WK&R) to investigate. The AV-rated  rm, known for its expertise in complex  financial matters, unraveled a scheme in which millions of dollars had been siphoned. WK&R  led a class-action lawsuit that led to the embezzler going to prison and the investors recovering, on average, 80 percent of their investment — a substantial percentage, considering that most such  financial victims often receive pennies on the dollar, if anything.

Whether by negotiation or litigation, Wolin Kelter & Rosen specializes in  nding cost-effective solutions to complex legal challenges, from contract and commercial disputes to theft of confidential trade secrets, breach of  fiduciary duties, commodities futures litigation and more…”

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